Dubbz is here!

I’ve been working on an exciting project for the past few months with my college roommate, Jon Lehman. I’m excited to announce that it’s finally finished and live on the App Store!


It’s called Dubbz. It is a music app that allows you to dub music with anything you like, effectively allowing you to change lyrics to just about any song you own!


This is how it works:

1.) Choose a song from your music library.

2.) Trim your song to the desired length.

3.) Record short words or phrases and insert them into the song.

4.) Save and share the final result.


Here’s a video made with the app!


Dubbz is available for free. There is an in-app purchase that unlocks two extra features. The first feature is the capability of recording more than one dub at a time. The second feature allows you to record a video to accompany your Dubbz.


We worked hard on this app, and we’re excited to see it hit the public. Give it a go and leave a review! We’d love to get some feedback!