Important update about Pop Collect

Hey guys,

I’ve been away for a while. (I moved to another country and started another job!) The updates have therefore been slow and the app has had a lot of bugs recently. I want to apologize for all of that.

Rest assured that I am working hard on getting the bugs taken care of and the updates will soon start to roll out regularly again.

For now, if your collection seems to have disappeared, IT IS STILL THERE. I did some maintenance on the backend and somewhere along the way something went wrong. But the problem should be solved if you simply remove the app from your phone and re-download it.

The issue liesĀ in how the data is cached on your phone. If you remove the cache by removing the app, the app will request to re-download the data from the server once it is downloaded again.

On a slightly more positive note, I am planning on adding another major feature to the app and it involves custom Pops. That’s all I’m going to say for now until I work out all of the details, but it should be pretty exciting!

Thanks for using my app!

Ben Kelsey