March Update

March has been an amazing month! I’ve got two new apps on the App Store, another going through review now, and one more in the works! Here’s what I’ve been working on:

  • 151 is an app that I created because I am a nerd. This year is the 20th anniversary of Pokémon and the original games have been re-released. So I made an app to function as a checklist when working to catch all 151 Pokémon.
  • Buttons & Numbers is a nice little counter utility that I made. It helps you to keep track of tasks throughout the day, and it’s just generally fun to play around with. There are two functions: a counter and a countdown. Both functions have buttons that trigger them and display fun little animations.
  • Stampify is a watermarking app for photos. I was working on it for a client but the client backed out last minute. So I had all this code and a fully functional app – I decided to just change the designs and make it a free app instead of deleting it and having it go to waste. The app allows you to create and import watermarks to place on your photos and ultimately share them to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stampify will be live very soon!
  • I’m also working on a really exciting project with my roommate from college, Jon Lehman called Dubbz. It’ a fun music app that I’ll have some more details on soon!
  • In addition to new apps, What’s On got an update that has a notification center widget, and TCG Trades became Binder.

I’ve been working with clients on some exciting things as well! Thanks for supporting me and let’s hope for a good April!